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Our History

Heart To Heart Medical Transport was born in the heart of our community from the vision and dedication of our founder, Deandre Kimpson. Starting with just a single ambulance, Deandre embarked on a noble mission to impact patients' lives through unparalleled medical transport services profoundly. This vision was not just about transportation; it was about bringing comfort, safety, and humanity to every journey, no matter how short or long.

From the beginning, Heart to Heart has stood firm in its dedication to excellence, striving to exceed expectations in every aspect of our service. Our team is not just composed of professionals; they are caregivers, listeners, and advocates for those in their care. This deep commitment to compassionate and professional care matched with an unwavering commitment to reliability and punctuality, has cemented Heart to Heart's reputation as a beacon of trust and reliability.

We serve a wide range of healthcare facilities throughout the greater Atlanta area, from hospitals to nursing homes and hospices. Our services have become a cornerstone for many in the community, providing peace of mind to patients, families, and healthcare providers. The Heart to Heart difference lies in our core belief that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, care, and respect. We promise to deliver exceptional service and prioritise each individual's well-being above all else.

As we continue on our journey, we remain dedicated to expanding and enhancing our services to meet and surpass the evolving needs of our community. Our legacy is not just in the miles we travel, but in the lives, we touch along the way. Experience the difference with Heart to Heart Medical Transport, where we don't just transport patients; we care for our community, one journey.

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