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Film & TV Production 

Heart to Heart Medical Transport is excited to extend our professional ambulance and paramedic services to the film and TV production industry throughout Georgia. Understanding the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature of film and TV sets, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure your productions' safety, well-being, and authenticity.

On-set EMS Coverage: Our on-set EMS coverage is tailored to keep your cast and crew safe at all times. With Heart to Heart Medical Transport on standby, you can focus on bringing your creative visions to life, knowing that professional medical support is immediately available for any situation that may arise.

EMTs and Paramedics for On-screen Appearances: We provide EMTs and paramedics who are skilled in medical support and trained for on-screen roles, offering a level of authenticity to your production that can significantly enhance the viewer's experience.

EMS Rental Equipment: Our services include providing essential EMS rental equipment, ensuring that your production has access to the medical gear and supplies needed to meet the unique demands of your project, whether for on-screen use or behind-the-scenes safety measures.

Heart to Heart Medical Transport stands ready to assist film and TV productions in Georgia, looking to integrate professional, reliable medical services. Our experienced team is dedicated to supporting the creative industry by offering services that prioritize safety and authenticity on set.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at to discuss how we can contribute to the success and safety of your production. Let Heart to Heart Medical Transport be your partner in creating compelling, safe, and authentic film and TV content.

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