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Equipment Rental 

Heart to Heart Medical Transport is proud to support Georgia's film and TV production industry by offering an extensive range of EMS equipment rentals. Our service is designed for productions that require authentic EMS props but may not need on-set EMS services. We understand the importance of realism in storytelling, which is why we provide high-quality, real-world EMS equipment to enhance the authenticity of your production.

Our inventory includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ambulance (box truck): Fully equipped and ready to be featured in your scenes. Photos available upon request.

  • Stretcher: Essential for emergency scene authenticity. Photos are available upon request.

  • IV pump: A critical piece for hospital scenes.

  • Cardiac monitor: Adds realism to any medical emergency portrayal.

  • Oxygen tank: A staple in emergency medical services.

  • Medical Supplies: A comprehensive assortment, including IV bags, oxygen masks, bandages, and more, to fulfil the detailed needs of your scenes.

Should your production require specific EMS equipment not listed above, we encourage you to get in touch. Our resources are extensive, and we are committed to accommodating your needs to the best of our ability.

For more information on renting EMS equipment for your film or TV production or to see photos of the available equipment, please get in touch with us at Heart to Heart Medical Transport is here to help you create a visually authentic and compelling narrative, ensuring your audience is fully immersed in the experience. Let us be a part of bringing your creative vision to life with the realism it deserves.

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