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EMS Coverage for TV & Film Productions

At Heart to Heart Medical Transport, our mission extends to the vibrant film and TV production industry across Georgia, where we offer dedicated on-set EMS coverage. Recognizing the importance of safety in the fast-paced and sometimes unpredictable environment of film and TV sets, we provide the peace of mind that comes with having experienced paramedics and EMTs ready to respond to any medical need. Whether it's a requirement from your insurance provider or a proactive step towards safeguarding the health and well-being of your cast and crew, our team is prepared to meet the challenge.

Our commitment to the industry doesn't stop with emergency medical services. Understanding the need for authenticity in production, our qualified paramedics and EMTs are also available for on-screen roles, ready to lend their expertise to enhance the realism of your project.

For productions seeking comprehensive on-set EMS services, Heart to Heart Medical Transport offers the reliability, professionalism, and medical expertise necessary to ensure a safe working environment. If you're planning a film or TV production in Georgia and want to prioritize the safety of everyone on set, please get in touch with us at We support your production's success by ensuring a safe and healthy on-set environment. Let Heart to Heart Medical Transport be your trusted partner in safety for your next production.

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